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All-In-One Locking Titanium Toolkit

The Titanium Pocket Multi Tool is a heavy-duty, all-in-one toolkit that houses a 70mm fine edge Sheepsfoot blade and a pair of spring-loaded Pliers & Wire Cutters.

A multi-tool that is focused on the core offering of tools that users are most interested in carrying; Knife, Pliers, Screwdriver with an added Saw, Awl and Bottle Opener. We took time to craft a set of tools that work as well as their full-size counterparts and made them all easy to access.

• Blade Shape: 70mm Sheepsfoot
• Blade Edge: Fine Edge
• Blade Finish: 2cr13 Titanium Nitride
• Locking: Lockback

• Handle / Scales: Anodised Aluminium
• Blade & Tools: Titanium Nitride coated 2cr13 Stainless Steel
• Thumbstud & Screws: Black Oxide coated

Πολυεργαλείο - Πένσα TRUE Titanium Locking Pocket Multi-Tool

65,00 €Τιμή
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